What is iNochi PROJECT ?

iNochi PROJECT is to create mineral water filled with wishes for PEACE and to spread it all over the world!


A fantastic challenge of one Japanese.

My name is "Shuichi Akita ". I am Japanese.
I produce the mineral water named "iNochi" in Japan.

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About iNochi and HEIWA(PEACE)

There are words,"Peace," in various languages on labels of this mineral water.
This is becauses I wish every person who takes this bottle thinks about Peace even merely a moment.

iNochi Water

Unfortunately, I could not pick up all languages in the world (due to the space limitation).

iNochi Water

I also put Japanese characters,meaning"Peace."

It is all right if the styles are different.
I would like you to produce mineral water (plastic bottles) with characters of peace in each region and each country in the world.

I wish characters of peace pop up in various places and spaces.

A message to People All Over the World (to Artists,Athletes,Business Managers,and so on...

People who can give impressions and influences to many people; that are...

artists all over the world
athletes all over the world
writers all over the world
speakers all over the world
consultants all over the world
entrepreneurs all over the world
and business managers all over the world,

please give me you help.

Do you know anybody who could produce mineral waters with letters of Peace in each language at various countries and regions ?

Please give me you help.
If you know any bottle makers,please transfer this message to them.
If you know somebody who is interested of sales,please talk about this message.
If you know somebody who can distribute products widely.please send this message.

Because...I wish this project becomes a chance for people all over the world to think abou Peace at some moments

It is said that people were born on this earth about 4,000 years ago.

Humans can produce energies,
can fly,ca to to teh space,
finds out pathogenic bacteria,overcome diseases,
create rules and laws,create flame work of tax,
develop economics,become rich,
are instantly connected through internet,can easily know news happened t the opposite side of the earth,
can chat simultaneously all over the world,
and have developed so that we can grow and flourish together.
We have developed cultures.

In these 100 years,or more,these 10 or 20 years,we have made enormous development.


We could not diminish conflicts.
We have kept having conflicts at each era since humans were born.
Nonetheless we have developed this much...

We might be almost there.
If so...

I wish this project becomes a chance...

Could you send a message to people who can produce mineral water with characters of Peace in each language at various regions and countries.

Unfortunately,there are still conflicts everwhere in the world.


Thus,a man injected his wish for PEACE into bottles of mineral water !


Is that hand power !?

If this mineral water runs through all over the world ・・・


Everyone in the world ・・・  平和? iNochi? Peace? ピース?


will be aware of PEACE, everytime they drink this water. then ・・・


The world will become PEACE! He thought so.


We believe that the world comes closer to PEACE! if 7 billion people touches a character,PEACE,for 3 seconds than 7 scholars it for 3 years.


For more detail,refer to "Smile is the Best!" http://www.egao1.com/



Thereis a movie. Please take a time to check it.

In Japan, we call our Life itself as "INOCHI."⇒"iNochi
In addition, HEIWA means PEACE.

PEACE is written as "平和" in Japanese.

The concept of iNochi・PROJECT is a project as following:
1.Water is essential to live (for living organisms).
2.Let's name the water INOCHI= the word, which represents "Inochi = life" that is to be PEACE and to be protected.
3.And make water as plastic bottle drink = mineral water.
4.Draw characters, which represent PEACE on its bottle.
5.Then let's think of PEACE even for a moment by everyone, who drinks this mineral water.

Please take a look at this movie.

Let's do it together!
Join us!

I believe someday the world surely becomes peace.

Do you know a story of "100 monkeys" ?
If a certain amount of wish is "born," it surely makes changes,I believe.




If we could produce bottles for Peace all over the world...We are happy to be born on this earth.

Please send this message to people all over the world

To people at various countries,even whom you have never met.

Could you produce mineral water with characters of Peace at your region and country ?

In order to fill this earth with wishes for Peace.

If we could produce mineral water with characters of Peace at your resion and country...

Once mineral water with characters of Peace is produced...
It is all right even for a second, or 2 or 3 seconds. Of course,only a moment ia all right.

When you take this bottle or drink,please fell wishes for "Peace."
In order to fill this earth with wishes for Peace.


Even if I, only one person,keep praying for 24 hours,the energy of wishes for "Peace" is just a little.
But if million people think about Peace even for a second...
If people feel wishes for "Peace" even sometimes (not everyday) (even a few times in a year)...

1 second by 1 person 1,000,000 seconds
For million people
16,666 minutes 277 hours 11 days
3 seconds 3,000,000 seconds
For million people
50,000 minutes 833 hours 34 days

I believe this wish startes in Japan will spread all over the world
Surely,it will...


Thank you very much.

Although this might be outrageous comparison...

As I picked up this information from websites,it might not be accurate figures. In addition, it might not be the data.

(unit:One hundred million US dollars)

Annual ODA Ranking Annual Military Spending
1.USA       300
2.England     170
3.EU        150
4.Germany     140
5.Japan      110
6.France      110
1.USA     5,500
2.China     1,300
3.England      590
4.France       590
5.Russia       580
6.Japan       540
Total in the world      1,600 Total in the world       17,000

(Created with figures on webs)


It must be great if conflicts are diminishes from all over the world (becoming peace), this much money adn intelligence are spent for education,poverty,medicals,and environment problems,every year.

P. S.(I attach my favorite the Earth image.)

(Source of the Image:NASA)